Roller ski boots for rain and sun

Roller ski boots for rain and sun


Trac A/P/S is the only competition racing shoe with GORE-TEX®, and it is equally suitable in sunshine and rain. Perfect for excercise and competition a cold winter day as on roller skies in rain or sunshine. 

The Norwegian Magazine SKIsport tested the boot and said: "There are hardly any racing shoes that will keep you warmer and drier, while maintaining competitive qualities."

The waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane will release sweat from inside of the shoe, while waterdrops will not penetrate from the outside. In this way, the Alfa Trac A/P/S shoe provides for dry and comfortable feet the entire workout. Read more about GORE-TEX® here.


The perforated outer material Alfa Air™ consists of two laminated layers, where the outer part is both durable and maintenance-free. The perforation provides increased breathability, and combined with the GORE-TEX® membrane, this gives a whole new experience of function and comfort.

Alfa Air™ provides easy maintenance even in summer and autumn. Read more about maintenance of Alfa Air™ here.

Alfa Air™ provides high function and easy maintenance.


The Rottefella Xcelerator racing sole provides increased power transmission to the skies at a neutral foot position. This is an extremely light sole with good torsional stability and increased flexibility in the forefoot. The good stability in the heel makes it easy to break with the roller skies. 

YKK zipper is the world's best zippers, with low weight and high durability.

The shoe is designed for classic ski racing, yet it is equally suitable for training. It comes with EVA size adapter which allows you to adjust the fit about 1/2 size.