Xplore Ski Boots

Xplore Ski Boots


      Xplore is the result of a good and innovative collaboration between Alfa, Rottefella and Åsnes to give those who ski off the pisted tracks better experiences.

      Rottefella has invented a completely new binding that provides significantly better stability than traditional backcountry ski bindings. ALFA has developed a new generation of ski boots that are specially adapted to the new binding and Åsnes has developed skis that are suitable for the areas of use for Xplore.

      Read more about the Xplore concept 

      Xplore Ski Packages

      Xplore can be used for everything from trips to the hilltop you see from the cabin, to skiing in the local area or on longer expeditions. We have created a ski package builder where you can put together the Xplore ski package that will suit you.

      Xplore skipakke

      Xplore Ski Packages builder

      Put together your own Xplore ski package with skis, ski boots, bindings and other accessories you need here.

      Xplore ski boots from ALFA

      The Xplore collection from ALFA consists of light and stable mountain ski boots. The Xplore ski boots come in 3 models for different usage.

      In general, ALFA's Xplore ski boots are designed to exploit the potential of the Xplore binding. The construction in the sole is torsion stable, at the same time as you should be able to bend the shoe in the toe ball. This means that you get natural and nice skiing in the uphills and have good ski handling on the descents. With the Xplore system, your experiences on backcountry skis will be more comfortable and you will have significantly more stable descents than with traditional backcountry ski equipment. All three Xplore models come with their own fit for women (W) and men (M).

      Alfa Free A/P/S GTX Xplore fjellskistøvel
      Free A/P/S GTX  is the most stable Xplore model with integrated ankle support and easy adjustment with Boa Closing System. A super shoe for those who want to have as much fun as possible in the descents. GORE-TEX, Insulated insole, BOA Closing System and RECCO Rescue System 
      Alfa Xplore skisko | Vista Advance GTX
      Vista Advance GTX is a solid and warm boot with better stability than traditional backcountry ski boots. Perfect for those who are going on longer tours and want good stability. Full-grain leather, Insulated insole, GORE-TEX, Extra protection and Memoryfoam
      Alfa Xplore skisko | Skaget Perform
      Skaget Perform is a comfortable boot with an extra high shaft that provides good stability. A good boot for day trips and multi-day trips in good winter conditions. Nubuck leather and Insulated insole. This model does not have GORE-TEX


      NB: The Xplore ski boots must be used with Rottefella's Xplore binding and cannot be used on normal BC bindings.

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