We believe great outdoor experiences breed a desire to protect the environment.


ALFA For Life™ is a long term initiative within the organisation designed to create more sustainable products and solutions. We wish to make it simple for our customers to make sustainable choices, by developing products that can last a lifetime, through proper maintenance and the option to repair every part of the shoe.

By launching the worlds first fully repairable GORE-TEX walking shoe,- Impact A/P/S GTX, we are now one step closer to this long term journey, and ALFA will continue to develop new ALFA For life™ products in the years to come.

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Eco Lighthouse

Eco Lighthouse is Norway's most widely used certificate for organisations wanting to keep track of their environmental efforts and demonstrate their social responsibility.

Being an Eco Lighthouse involves systematic work towards improving environmental issues on a daily basis. Organisations have to fulfill certain requirements and implement measures in a more environmentally friendly operation together with a good working environment.

Eco Lighthouse have separate requirements for different industries and the certificate is awarded after an independent assessement. Annual environmental reports are delivered every three years if the business meet the requirements. The certificate is recognized by the public procurement authorities.

We call it taking environmental responsibilty into practise!

Green Dot Norway

Alfa are members of Green Dot Norway, where we take part in a nationwide recycling scheme for corrugated cardboard, beverage and packaging board, as well as plastic, metal and glass packaging.

This means all the packaging we use for our products is handled and recycled in a proper and sustainable way.

Factory list

ALFA manufactures shoes in these factories:

  • Rekord - Romania
  • Haksan - Vietnam
  • Fulgentsun - China
  • Obuv - Slovakia
  • Samelin - Estonia
  • Meet Italia - Italy
  • Mondeox - Italy

ALFA manufactures shoe accessories in these factories:

  • Moron - Spain
  • Organoclick - Sweden
  • Brunner - Sweden
  • Zandstra - Netherlands