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Shoes and accessories

Our impregnated shoe laces comes in 5 lenghts. Chosing length depends on the boots' size and shaft height.

Generally, laces up to 160cm will fit our low boots, in addition to mid-high boots in women's sizes. 180-200 cm fits hiking mid in men's sizes and hiking high/mountain. 220 cm is intended our hunting boots.

Please note that these are only general guidelines. If you're unsure which lace length to choose, we recommend measuring the laces already in your boots to ensure proper length.

Find your size with our Size Guides.

No. All our boots are built on Alfa lasts, but different varieties. On the product pages you find information regarding the last on every shoe model and a size guide for this particular model.

About Alfa

You can read more about our factories here.

You can buy all models of ALFA shoes here in the online store at alfaoutdoor.com.

ALFA shoes are also sold by various outdoor shops in Scandinavia and aroudn the world.

See an overview of the largest retailers of shoes from ALFA here.

Care and repair

We are brand neutral when it comes to maintenance products, and recommend contacting your local shoe or sports dealer with expertise in maintenance to find the right products for your particular shoe. Read more about maintenance here.

A loose sole or a loose collage can very easily be repaired with glue without the shoes having any reduced functionality. In addition, we also contribute a little to the environment by repairing rather than throwing away shoes that are basically fully usable. We recommend the glue Aquatite and not regular superglue as it does not last.

Read step by step on how to repair the shoes yourself here.

Good luck!

It is a relatively well-known phenomenon that bad odors can occur in footwear constructed with textile materials. This occurs very rarely in footwear where the main component is leather.

The reason why odors occur is that the drying process has taken too long, and that there is thus a certain bacterial production. A typical example is if wet sneakers are forgotten again on the stairs on a humid autumn evening.

To avoid this type of problem, it is important to bring shoes / boots into the heat, and take out the insoles to dry them separately. A lot of moisture accumulates between the insole and the GoreTex laminate. For very damp shoes, newspaper can be used for a few minutes to extract moisture.

If you have a bad smell in your shoes, this can be difficult to get out. One possible solution that may work is:

1. Remove the insoles (often the smell can be in these so these must also be washed, possibly you can change the insoles.

2. Rinse off dirt and grime on the shoes.

Leather boots / shoes:

3. Fill the inside of the shoes with soapy water when the shoes are upright. Use Antibacterial Zalo, Vinegar with a drop of Zalo or Holmenkoll Textile Wash.

4 Brush the shoes thoroughly inside with a kitchen brush etc. Leave the shoes for a couple of hours.

5 Also wash the insoles well in soapy water if you do not change them. It is advisable to put in new insoles, as a lot of bacteria / odor may have accumulated in them. 6. Rinse and dry the shoes thoroughly. Use shoe dryers that blow hot air, not a heat rack, fireplace or heated floor.

Textile shoes or shoes in Alfa-AirTM material:

3. Fill the inside of the shoes with soapy water when the shoes are upright Use Antibacterial Zalo, Vinegar with a drop of Zalo or Holmenkoll Textile Wash.

4. Brush the shoes thoroughly with a kitchen brush or the inside and the outside.Leave the shoes in the soap habit net a couple of hours so the water fills them inside and covers them outside.

5. Also wash the insoles well in soapy water if you do not change them. You may want to put in new insoles, as a lot of bacteria / odor may have accumulated in these.

6. Rinse and dry the shoes thoroughly. Use a shoe dryer that blows hot air. Do not dry shoes on or near a hot source such as a fireplace, stove, underfloor heating or heating rack.